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About "Little Birdie Me"

For many years, Little Birdie Me's founder was a cheesemonger.

In the cheese shop where she worked was nestled a small, but wonderful flower shop. One day, while at work, she saw a customer approach the florists with a desire to buy his loved one a bouquet -- but he didn't have a clear idea of what his lady love liked (or what she didn't).

Et, voilĂ ! The idea for 'Little Birdie Me' was born! What if there was a site where lady loves (or gentlemen loves!) all over the world could share what kind of flowers they liked?

Then, we took the idea a few steps further and thought, hey, this could be expanded into so many areas - clothing, wine, food, books... You name it! In the age of The Wish List, Little Birdie Me's mission is to help bring back surprise gifts, but ones that are tailored to the likes and dislikes of the recipient - a kind of happy medium between a Wish List gift and a full-on surprise. (That said, we also recognize the ease of Wish List convenience - so we have included a place to link to those too!)

Our goal is to improve and factiliate communication about gift giving by providing a place where folks can centralize and manage all of their gifting information.

Thank you for checking us out!