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10 Gift Ideas for Photographers

By A Little Birdie

Looking to give a gift to a photographer? Then, look no further. We’ve got ten great gift ideas for you!

Thanks to the ease and ever-improving quality of phone cameras, most of us take many more photos today than we would have say 20, or even 10... Read more

18 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

By A Little Birdie

Looking to get a gift for a green thumb? No idea what to get? Look no further. We’ve got eighteen great gift ideas for you!

Finally, spring has truly arrived here in Boston. The trees are blooming, and Mother Nature has donned her most colorful finery in the form... Read more

13 Host and Hostess Gifts

By A Little Birdie

Going to stay with friends or family? Chances are you don’t want to arrive empty handed. Here are some great gift ideas for your hosts!

If you’re heading out of town and will be crashing on someone’s couch or occupying a guest room, you may be looking for a gift that will... Read more

15 More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

By A Little Birdie

Going to a baby shower? No idea what to get? Wish to get a gift that’s both useful and original? Check out our newest gift ideas for newborns and their parents!

A little while back, we shared eighteen of our best baby shower g... Read more

No Registry? 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

By A Little Birdie

Wish to get a wedding gift for a couple that doesn’t have a registry? We’ve got ten top notch ideas for you!

If you’re looking to get a wedding gift for a couple, our first bit of advice for you is: if they have a registry, use it. Especially if t... Read more

12 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

By A Little Birdie

Attending a bridal shower for a friend or family member? Not sure what to give as a gift? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

Does anyone else feel like spring is shower season? For some reason, the majority of our baby shower and bridal shower invites seem to come... Read more

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