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10 of the Best Videos We’ve Watched on Tying Bows and Getting Creative with Ribbon

Whether you’re a bow-tying novice, or looking to up your ribbon game, we’ve sussed out some great how-to videos for you!

By A Little Birdie | Posted on March 6, 2018 in Gift Wrapping


A rose of pink satin ribbon that we made following a DIY YouTube tutorial by The Flower Art.

A rose of pink satin ribbon that we made following a DIY YouTube tutorial by The Flower Art.
© Little Birdie Me

There are all sorts of ways to garnish a gift, but the most classic method has to be with a bow or ribbon in some form or other - be it satin ribbon, curling ribbon, wired ribbon or any of a variety of other materials, from raffia, to twine. Previously, we’ve shared a list of 11 great gift wrapping videos that we think help give folks a solid intro to wrapping basics and/or some options for changing up their go-to techniques. In this post, we hone in specifically on bow-tying and ribbon garnishing. There is a tad bit of overlap with our previous list, but the vast majority of these videos are newer finds for us and cover bows appropriate not just for boxed gifts, but greeting cards and gift baskets too. We hope you find them as helpful as we did!

  1. HOW TO TIE A BOW ON A GIFT by MADE Everyday
    What we like: this is an excellent tutorial if you’re looking for a straightforward, foolproof way to elegantly tie a classic bow on your present, no matter the kind of ribbon you are using. The method described in this video ensures your present will sit flat, and your bow won’t look wonky, while also minimizing ribbon waste. Well narrated and filmed from above for easy viewing, this is great video for gift wrapping novices.
    What we like: technically, this isn’t a bow-tying video at all, but we decided to include it on this list because it demonstrates a bow-relevant skill: how to curl ribbon. Most other ribbon curling videos were filmed from a bit of a distance so if you’re new to curling, it’s a little hard to see what’s going on. This video, on the other hand, offers clear instructions and close-up shots to get you curling in no time!
  3. HOW TO CURL RIBBON by PremierPackaging
    What we like: once you’ve got the hang of how to curl ribbon, check out this video for some solid tips on using your curling ribbon to full effect. Also included: some great ideas on how to garnish variously shaped gifts - from bags, to boxes.
  4. HOW TO MAKE A FORK BOW by Red Ted Art
    What we like: this video is short, clear and gets straight to the point with excellent close-ups that make it easy to follow along. If you’d like to learn how to make neat little bows - perfect for decorating small gifts, or greeting cards - check this video out!
    What we like: you know those flat bows and tie-ons one sees on professional greeting cards? The ones that make them more mail-friendly? Well, you can make them too! We like Mrs. Kalthoff’s video because she really walks you through each step clearly, from affixing ribbon to your card, to making small tie-offs or bows without any aids.
  6. TYING BOWS FOR GIFT BASKETS by Cari Thomas of Santa Barbara Gift Baskets
    What we like: all you need is ribbon, scissors and a piece of floral wire to make an impressive, multi-looped bow that can be used to finish off a gift basket. Ms. Thomas’ instructions and straightforward demo make it easy to create one of these beautiful bows yourself.
  7. RIBBON & BOW TUTORIALS by Paper Guru
    What we like: we’re big fans of Shiho Masuda’s (aka the Paper Guru) work, and this video does not disappoint. In it, she introduces five different ways to wrap a gift with ribbon AND four different bow options - all in demonstrations filmed from above for ease-of-viewing.
  8. HOW TO MAKE A FANCY BOW by Hallmark
    What we like: at first glance, the bow, made with a bit of wired ribbon, looks really complicated and hard to make. We agree, it sure does looks fancy, but as it turns out, straightforward instructions make it easy-peasy to recreate!
  9. HOW TO TIE A TIFFANY BOW by Lia Griffith
    What we like: this is the best video we’ve encountered so far in terms of learning how to tie the iconic Tiffany & Co. bow. It features clear instructions with a great overhead camera angle, making it easy to follow every step.
  10. DIY SATIN RIBBON ROSE by The Flower Art
    What we like: not gonna lie. This one’s a little more complicated - calling for a needle and thread, a glue gun and a lighter, along with ribbon, scissors and a felt base. However, if we can do it, you can too! Check out this video if you’d like to learn how to make possibly the prettiest ribbon rose we’ve ever seen (or made!).

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