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11 Great Gift Wrapping Videos

Got some gift wrapping to do? Not sure where to begin? We suggest one or more of these excellent how-to videos!

By A Little Birdie | Posted on November 21, 2017 in Gift Wrapping


We followed Lia Griffith's video to tie this Tiffany bow and the Paper Guru's video to wrap the pleated present, improvising a bit with the ribbon.

We followed Lia Griffith's video to tie this Tiffany bow and the Paper Guru's video to wrap the pleated present, improvising a bit with the ribbon.
© Little Birdie Me

We’ve watched a goodly number of instructional and how-to videos on all sorts of gift wrapping related subjects. Here are a few of our favorites that we hope everyone from beginners, to experienced wrappers will find helpful!

  1. HOW TO WRAP A GIFT by Sophie’s World
    What we like: if you’re looking for a “just tell me the bare minimum I need to know to wrap a gift nicely” video, this one does a great job of ticking that box!
  2. HOW TO WRAP A GIFT 101 by Hallmark
    What we like: this isn’t exactly how Mom taught us to wrap, but we’re always thrilled to learn a new way to do something. Also, we loved the edge-creasing tip!
  3. 5 GIFT WRAPPING HACKS by BuzzFeed
    What we like: this video features five wrapping hacks to help keep your wrapping space orderly and easy to manage - we especially like the toilet paper roll tip to help corral one’s wrapping paper and the bread clip tip to make tape dispensing easy peasy!
  4. FUROCHIC IT! by Jenn Playford | furochic
    What we like: this video gives a quick and clear overview of six basic furoshiki methods - the Japanes tradition of wrapping with cloth. It covers not just box shapes - both square and rectangular - but how to gift wrap bottles and flowers too.
    What we like: the paper-sizing intro was much appreciated as a lot of videos leave out that crucial step - we also liked the dual angle camera set up which really helped us get a handle on the corner folds.
  6. BASIC PLEATING by Paper Guru
    What we like: this video employs an easy-to-follow overhead viewpoint and features excellent attention to detail in terms of finishing off the ends of the gift - with a double bow as a bonus!
  7. DIY FAVOR BOXES by DaveHax
    What we like: this video does a top notch job of catering to different skill levels by showing the same kind of box being made twice. In the first pass, the basic steps are introduced. The second demonstration is used to show refinements and to relay tips on making smaller sized boxes.
    What we like: this is a great DIY tutorial if you are popping an unusually shaped present in the post - or, if you’d like to wrap/store something in a custom-fitted box. Plus, we learned about the Template Maker website - worth it’s weight in gold.
  9. TYING THE PERFECT BOW by Paper Source
    What we like: this video teaches classic bow-tying with excellent close-ups and a bit of guidance on how long your ribbon should be.
  10. HOW TO MAKE A FANCY BOW by Hallmark
    What we like: a first glance at the bow and you’ll think it will be all sorts of fussy and fiddly to make - it sure looks fancy, but straightforward instructions make it a piece of cake!
  11. HOW TO TIE A TIFFANY BOW by Lia Griffith
    What we like: very clear instructions with a great overhead camera angle, making it easy to understand the various steps necessary to tying this iconic bow.

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