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12 Charities with Amazon Wish Lists

Got Amazon points to spare? Fancy sending a care package that will make a difference? Check out these charities with Amazon Wish Lists.

By A Little Birdie | Posted on November 28, 2017 in Charity & Philanthropy, Gift Giving


Twelve, highly-rated charities with Amazon wish lists.

Twelve, highly-rated charities with Amazon wish lists.
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Today is #GivingTuesday and, in the spirit of the day, we’d like to share a list of charities making it easy for folks to give tangible support by providing an Amazon Wish List.

How did we happen to assemble this list? As we were doing research for the charities section of the site, we looked at the websites of a lot of non-profits and one thing we noticed was that some had the clever idea of linking on through to an Amazon Wish List, offering folks an easy and clear way to help support their mission. Following is a list of twelve such organizations, located throughout the United States, addressing a myriad of issues - be it tackling homelessness, sheltering cats and dogs, training service animals, or supporting members of the armed services.

All of the below-listed charities have been given 3 or 4 stars (out of 4) at the time of writing by Charity Navigator. That said, doing a little research before giving is always a good idea and, If you’d like to familiarize yourself with one or more of the charities on the list, we’ve provided links to their respective websites.

Although cash gifts are often the most efficient method of support, allowing charities to buy in bulk, availing of their tax exempt status, and directing monies to what’s most pressing at the moment, we think Amazon Wish Lists are a great way for folks who might have extra points in their Amazon account, or who like to know exactly what their money is going towards, to extend a helping hand this holiday season. We were in touch with every charity on the list to confirm their wish list is up to date and active so, if you fancy doing a little giving today, you can be confident your gift will be both welcome and much appreciated. We hope you find this list helpful!

    • 4 Paws For Ability
    • Where: Zenia, OH
    • Mission: providing service dogs to children worldwide
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN)
    • Where: Arlington, VA
    • Mission: ending homelessness in Arlington
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Center for Great Apes
    • Where: Wauchula, FL
    • Mission: a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Food Bank of Delaware
    • Where: Milford, DE | Newark, DE
    • Mission: providing nutritious foods to Delawareans in need
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Helping Hands - Monkey Helpers
    • Where: Boston, MA
    • Mission: training Capuchin monkeys to assist adults with mobility impairments nationwide
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • The Homeless Families Foundation
    • Where: Columbus, OH
    • Mission: nurturing children and helping families to secure stable housing and achieve self-sufficiency
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Love146
    • Where: New Haven, CT | Houston, TX | Charlotte, NC | London, UK
    • Mission: working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Miriam’s Kitchen
    • Where: Washington, DC
    • Mission: ending long-term homelessness while providing healthy meals and short-term social services to homeless individuals in DC
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Nashville Humane Association
    • Where: Nashville, TN
    • Mission: protecting the wellbeing of animals in Davidson County
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Operation Gratitude
    • Where: Chatsworth, CA
    • Mission: supporting the military and first responder communities by sending care packages
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Religious Community Services
    • Where: Clearwater, FL
    • Mission: helping individuals and families facing hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence
    • Go to Amazon Wish List
    • Seattle Humane Society
    • Where: Bellevue, WA
    • Mission: saving and serving pets in need, regardless of age, ability, circumstance or geography
    • Go to Amazon Wish List

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