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14 Gift Ideas for a Beach Bum

Know someone who looks forward to their beach time year-round? Who loves the feel of sand between their toes? Help them make the most of those days with a beach-ready gift!

By A Little Birdie | Posted on July 10, 2018 in Gift Ideas


Know someone who's always the first person to the beach? Here are some gift ideas.

Know someone who's always the first person to the beach? Here are some gift ideas.
© Little Birdie Me

We’re settling into peak beach time here in the northern hemisphere and so we thought it would be eminently appropriate to take a look at some gifts we’re beachy keen about (sorry, not sorry!). 😉

Most of us enjoy a lovely waterside day every now and again but some love it even more than most and we hope you find this list helpful when trying to suss out a gift for any beach-loving friend or family member regardless of whether the beach they frequent is seaside or abutting freshwater:

  1. WATERPROOF BAGS: Even the most devoted beach enthusiasts may well have gear or equipment they’d like to keep protected from water and sand. We have gifted The Friendly Swede dry bags in the past - they are highly water resistant (i.e. will repel water unless you submerge them) and come in an array of cheery colors. For something a little smaller and in varying patterns, check out Itzy Ritzy’s wet bags. Itzy Ritzy’s bags are marketed in a parenting context, but we purchased a medium sized wet bag and it’s the perfect size for our camera when we’re toting it around in our beach bag.

  2. SUNGLASSES: True beach aficionados rarely pooh-pooh the notion of having a back-up pair of sunglasses, or another style to choose from when readying for their beach day. If you go this route and your recipient also happens to be a keen beach volleyball player, you might opt for a pair of Ray Ban’s Classic Aviator glasses with gold rims and green lenses à la Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Alternately, check out Warby Parker for classic frames with a modern twist - or, to view a wide range of brands all in one go, head on over to If you fancy splurging on your recipient, definitely check out which carries a large selection of distinctive, designer glasses.

  3. PHONE PROTECTOR: Does your friend or family member enjoy trotting out their phone at the beach? Give them peace of mind when they approach the water’s edge, phone in hand, with a FRiEQ waterproof smartphone case.

  4. WATERPROOF CAMERA: If your recipient has a bit of a naturalist’s bent and enjoys photographing the marine or aquatic life to be found around their patch of beach - or, if they simply like taking pics of friends and family frolicking in the waves, chances are a waterproof camera will make for a brilliant present. Go all out with a SeaLife camera, opt for a ruggedly solid waterproof point-and-shoot with the Olympus TG-5, or give them a couple of disposable waterproof cameras for some easy beach fun!

A stack of fluffy towels rarely goes amiss gift-wise.

A stack of fluffy towels rarely goes amiss gift-wise.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. TOWELS: As with sunglasses, we’ve found that beach enthusiasts rarely turn their nose up at having a fluffy stack of fresh beach towels to choose from. We suggest giving a towel that’s extra plush, a little bit funny or a little bit out of the ordinary. In the plush department, we’ve found that Restoration Hardware offers some pretty thick and luxurious-feeling towels and have, in the past, picked up a couple ourselves when we happened to find them on sale. As for towels with a cheeky sense of humor, you may wish to check out artist-designer sites like Zazzle or Society6. For out-of-the-ordinary, we’re thinking something like a rainbow colored super huge towel for two, or a big round beach towel. A watermelon towel anyone?

  2. EXFOLIANT: Time at the beach can easily translate into dry skin so, chances are, some lovely exfoliating products may well prove to be the perfect treat. A little while back, we did a bit of an experiment, trying a range of exfoliators, from sugar scrubs, to salt scrubs. The winner from our mini trials? Surprisingly, it wasn’t actually a scrub, it was a pair of Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves. Not only did they make exfoliating easy peasy (both dry and wet), but they can be thrown in the wash for repeated use. That said, for more sensitive areas, like the face, we’d flag Elemis’ Skin Buff. We’ve long been fans of Elemis’ scrub which leaves our sensitive skin feeling clean and silky smooth without any redness or aggravation.

  3. MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: Saltwater (and chlorine, if your beachgoer is also a poolside patron) can do a fair number on one’s hair with repeated exposure. We like OGX’s Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner and we’re not the only ones - when we were first purchasing this duo, the lady ringing up our purchases advised us we’d have to hide the bottles from any other ladies living in our household, it would be in such demand! Another product you may wish to check out in terms of haircare is SheaMoisture’s Miracle Styler silicone-free leave-in treatment. Designed to work with all hair types, we have yet to try it personally but, thanks to the consistently high reviews we’ve read around the interwebs, have it on our “to try” list.

  4. BEACH ACCESS: Are there some fabulous state parks and/or beaches located near your recipient? Is it possible to purchase an annual access pass? Or, a parking pass? Give your recipient easy access to some stunning local beaches, lakesides, or pondsides with a year’s pass so they can breeze in and out on a whim.

  5. SUNSCREEN AND MOISTURIZING LOTION: Yes, your recipient probably already has sunscreen and/or moisturizing lotion, but take this opportunity to upgrade their products, or replenish their supply. Everyone’s sun protection needs are a little different, but you may wish to check out La Roche Posay’s Anthelios line. It includes a range of SPF levels and methods of application, as well as both chemical and mineral protection options. On the moisturizing front, for a full-on splurge, check out Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale cream. We have only tried it via a free sample and can’t speak to the cream’s “cell respiration technology” but must say it did feel (and smell) awfully lovely. For something a bit more affordably priced (but still a bit of a splurge), check out Jo Malone’s gorgeous Body Crèmes. We’re partial to the Orange Blossom (which we received as a gift), but suspect her other fragrances are also marvelous. Last but not least, for some super fab moisturizing, a beautiful, fresh smell and a handy dandy, beach-friendly method of dispensation, check out Bliss Spa’s Lemon + Sage Body Butter. The shea butter in this thick cream makes it tops at doing what it’s supposed to do and wins two thumbs up from us for its post-beach moisturizing capabilities.

A water bottle is practically a beach necessity.

A water bottle is practically a beach necessity.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. WATER BOTTLE: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! How often do we hear that whenever sun is involved (and, frankly, even when it’s not)? Help your gift recipient stay hydrated by gifting them a water bottle that does a stellar job at keeping its contents cool. Not sure where to look? We recommend Futurepace Tech water bottles - we really like ours. They keep our drinks frosty cold while, at the same time, sporting a mouth that is not so big we end up splashing water in our faces every time we take a drink.

  2. FLIP FLOPS: Whether it’s making one’s way to the beach over a patch of stones, or avoiding the hot pavement of a parking lot, flip flops are pretty ubiquitous beach footwear. As with towels, one can have a bit of fun here, picking something a little bit clever, a little bit funny or referencing something of personal interest (e.g. a sports team, favorite food or hobby) - or, simply opt for practical comfort with a pair of Teva, Quiksilver, Reef or OluKai flip flops.

  3. PICNIC BLANKET: We’re very pro-picnic over here and if your gift recipient is too, a beach towel may be just a tad too small for any beach picnics and/or parties they fancy hosting. We would draw your attention to JJ Cole’s outdoor blankets which parcel up neatly into handy carry packs - ours has seen regular usage and we have absolutely no cause for complaint. For something about twice as large, do check out Mad Grit’s beach blankets.

  4. CRAZY CREEK CHAIR: Not to dis full-on, structured beach chairs but we really ❤️ our classic Crazy Creek chair for several reasons. First up, it’s super light to carry, easily collapsible and works pretty much everywhere. Second, unlike a more structured beach chair (with metal components), it can double as a kind of flat pillow or head support (stuff in some clothes to “fluff” it up). A win all around, wethinks!

  5. BEACH GAMES: If your recipient is a beach bum only in the loosest of senses, a beach game or some water sports related equipment may well make for a grand gift. Whether it’s a ring toss, a volleyball/badminton set, a power kite or a mask and snorkel set, there are many great sun and sand friendly games out there!

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