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15 More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Going to a baby shower? No idea what to get? Wish to get a gift that’s both useful and original? Check out our newest gift ideas for newborns and their parents!

By A Little Birdie | Posted on May 1, 2018 in Gift Ideas


Let's talk about baby shower gift ideas!

Let's talk about baby shower gift ideas!
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A little while back, we shared eighteen of our best baby shower gift ideas. Since then though, we’ve had a slew of other ideas and wanted to share them with you today. We hope you find the following list both timely (spring feels like baby shower season, no?) and helpful!

  1. DIAPER SERVICE OR SUBSCRIPTION - One of the things that new parents will need the most is, you guessed it, diapers. You can give a packet of diapers at a shower, or go all out with a diaper cake or diaper tower but, realistically, that number of diapers won’t last long. Consider the gift of a diaper subscription or diaper service for the parents-to-be. Side note: a service like this makes for a great group gift if you’re looking for something to give with several friends!

  2. DISCOUNT CLUB MEMBERSHIP - Membership to the likes of Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s can be a great gift, particularly for first time parents. The arrival of a child typically mean bulk purchases become extremely practical, both in terms of cost and time (i.e. less frequent trips to the store). And, again, diapers. The easier and cheaper it is for parents to purchase diapers, the better! In terms of online memberships, if the parents-to-be are not Amazon Prime members, that’s another handy service and allows them access to Amazon Family which offers 20% off on diapers (among other benefits).

  3. BABYBJÖRN BABY CARRIER - Parental instinct is to keep one’s baby close - and, what could be closer than snuggled up against your chest? BabyBjörn’s original baby carrier wins rave reviews from many corners, allowing a parent to move about while simultaneously keeping a close watch on their little one. We venture to guess that any new parent would greatly appreciate one as a gift.

  4. ART FOR THE NURSERY - If the new baby will be a first for its parents, chances are they are decorating a nursery for the first time too. If so, a little décor could well be the way to go gift-wise. We like the looks of this cheery alphabet poster. Alternately, over on Etsy several artists are doing some pretty fabulous work that looks supremely appropriate for a nursery. We recommend browsing the fine art prints by DaisyandBump, or the paper quilling work being done by Gericards and ColorfulHeirloom.

  5. PETIT FELT MOBILE - If you are looking for some nursery décor and are up for a bit of a splurge, do check out Jocelyn Gayle’s Etsy shop, PetitFelts, where she sells her handmade, hand-dyed felt mobiles. Choose between a bunny, an octopus, a whale or a flying pig design. They’re not cheap (to be expected of a handmade item like this), but they are absolutely adorable and extremely pretty!

Petit Bateau clothes are both comfortable and chic.

Petit Bateau clothes are both comfortable and chic.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. PETIT BATEAU CLOTHING - We still remember the cotton undershirts we had from Petit Bateau as children. Why? Because they stood out as ever comfortable (in contrast to the itchy sweaters that often seemed to be put on over them)! Not only are Petit Bateau’s clothes comfortable for little ones, they are stylish too. Check out their offerings for newborns, or because new parents typically receive a ton of newborn clothing, look a few months (and seasons) forward and get an outfit (or two) that the little one can grow into.

  2. STYLISH MATERNITY CLOTHES FOR MOM-TO-BE - We’ve heard it firsthand from more than several moms-to-be that being pregnant, particularly in the final months, can feel a bit like being a “beached whale.” But, even if your friend/cousin/sister/sister-in-law is not quite as fleet on her feet as usual, you can help her mitigate that feeling with some stylish and chic maternity togs. Consider a Storq maternity bundle or check out the likes of Hatch, Seraphine or Isabella Oliver for some versatile and stylish maternity wear.

  3. SCRATCH OFF DUE DATE COUNTDOWN - Whether it’s a first time pregnancy or a fourth, a scratch-off calendar can make for a great gift. It works a bit like an advent calendar, counting down the days until the due date, revealing interesting little factoids and pregnancy markers on a daily basis. If the parents-to-be already have children, this is a great way too to involve the older sister(s)- and/or brother(s)-to-be in the excitement of waiting for the new addition to the family.

  4. MUNCH MITTS - Teething can be a testy time for babies (understandably!) and, as a result, a tiring time for their parents. Teething typically happens around 6 months of age and there are various aids available - from teething rings, to toys you put in the freezer. One of the newer items though that we’ve recently come across, and one that seems to have met with a high success rate at doing its job are Munch Mitts. They not only give little ones something to chew on, but the chew surface is textured in order to massage their gums, offering some relief. A pair of these may well go a long way towards easing the teething process, consequently making the parents’ job that bit easier.

  5. TEETHING JEWELRY - One more idea for the teething phase: teething jewelry. What is it? It’s jewelry that is grown-up and stylish enough to allow a new mother to accessorize, but is simultaneously chew-friendly. So attired, her wee can happily chomp away (probably with some drooling) while Mom chats with a friend, finishes a call on the phone, or the like. Materials will vary - silicone is common, but natural materials are available too - and we recommend browsing makers to find something that matches the aesthetic preferences of your recipient. You may wish to start by checking out: Mama & Little’s necklaces and bracelets, Chewbeads wide selection of jewelry or Itybity’s silicone necklace in gray, mint and white.

Make a shower kit and tuck in some special bath products, like a Jo Malone body wash.

Make a shower kit and tuck in some special bath products, like a Jo Malone body wash.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. SHOWER KIT - We gather that one of the things that can be trickiest (and somewhat anxiety-inducing) for new parents is jumping in the shower or bath when you have a newborn infant. I think most of us would agree that feeling clean plays a sizable role in keeping up one’s spirits - it’s refreshing, can help soothe sore muscles, and make one feel put together. Make it easy for new parents to bathe without anxiety by gifting a bathing kit, including a clear shower curtain (so they can keep an eye on their wee one), a stationary floor seat (like Fisher-Price’s Newborn-to-Toddler portable rocker or BabyBjörn’s Balance Soft bouncer) to hold their newborn in one place while they are in the shower or tub - and, if you want to really push the boat out, tuck in a selection of lovely bath products (like Jo Malone’s Basil & Neroli body wash and/or Bliss Spa’s Lemon & Sage Body Butter).

  2. BOPPY NURSING PILLOW - Mothers have been nursing their babies in their arms since day one. These days, that’s still how it’s done, but you can make Mom and Baby even more comfortable with a Boppy nursing pillow. If you are gifting to a first time mother, chances are she won’t yet have one of these widely lauded pillows and, as such, it will likely make for a pretty perfect gift!

  3. NIGHT LIGHT - Continuing on the theme of nursing, newborns can nurse up to 8-12 times a day. And, several of those times generally fall in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning. At those times, Mom will invariably appreciate a bit of soft lighting in the form of a night light. Too, as the little one gets older, a night light is often something that helps keep monsters at bay, or can provide a bit of comfort in the dark. As such, it’s a gift that keeps giving. There are many night lights out there - of the ones we’ve researched, we rather like the looks of VAVA’s egg-shaped light or eufy’s plug-in night lights.

  4. HOUSE CLEANING - Having a new baby can be overwhelming and exhausting. And, in the wake of diaper changings, feedings and playtime, other things often fall by the wayside. Laundry piles up even more quickly and it’s harder to find time to do errands. Giving new parents a home cleaning - whether it’s a group of friends chipping in to help out, or a professional service - can be one of the most appreciated gifts new parents can receive. A clean home can make a big difference in terms of one’s spirits and in those exhausting, initial days of childrearing can do a lot for parental morale.

  5. PARENTAL SUPPORT - As we were mentioning in #14, a gift that helps boost parental morale during the early days of childrearing (especially if it’s their first baby and everything is new and unfamiliar) can be extremely welcome. Give the gift of several hours of babysitting so Mom can squeeze in an extra nap, or so she can go get a haircut. Or, combine your babysitting with a restaurant gift certificate to give the new parents a good meal and an evening out to themselves. An extra pair of hands is always in high demand where children are concerned - it’s the rare parent that would not appreciate several hours of coverage so they can regroup and be at their best for their little one(s)!

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