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50 of Our Best Gift Ideas

Long on love but short on gift ideas? We’ve got you sorted this holiday season with our gift list, featuring fifty fab ideas!

By A Little Birdie | Posted on November 24, 2018 in Gift Ideas


Delicious: a 'Sweet & Salty' brownie by Baked.

Delicious: a 'Sweet & Salty' brownie by Baked.
© Little Birdie Me

Last year we did a round-up of fifty of our favorite gift ideas as the holiday season kicked off and, because so many folks found it helpful, we thought we’d do the same again this year! Maybe it’s becoming an annual tradition… Now, without further ado, here’s the list:

  1. LONG LIVE THE POTLUCK. Whether trying new recipes or perfecting old favorites, if you know someone who loves to share food, be it with co-workers, their church group, fellow parents at their children’s school or with their book club members, this may well be the perfect gift. You can make it easy peasy (and super stylish!) for them to tote their goodies with one of Aplat’s canvas dish totes. Be it a pie, a casserole, a dish of mac and cheese, as long as it has a lid, your recipient will be good to go with one of Aplat’s totes.

  2. APRONTASTIC. We have a thing for aprons and, on past gift lists, have included the likes of Rough Linen (makers of gorgeous linen pinafores), and Hedley & Bennett (handmade aprons that are all the rage in the country’s top kitchens). And, now we’d like to add Thread & Whisk to our list of fabulous apron makers. We’d particularly like to bring your attention to their “Grace” apron which comes with a “flounce,” a fantastic (and super thoughtful) detail. Essentially the flounce is a dish towel, stylishly attached at the hip with the help of three buttons. This means it’s totally interchangeable and can be washed with greater frequency than the apron as needed. How often have you been cooking and needed to dry your hands? For us, the answer is something like, “a trillion times.” Hyperbole aside though, a hip towel makes these chic aprons über practical in our eyes. P.s. there are also sizable pockets for all sorts of other sundries!

  3. FOR TV SHOW DEVOTEES. Know a die hard Friends fan? Someone who knows the plot lines of every single Seinfeld episode? Or maybe someone who came of age watching Gilmore Girls? Well, you may wish to consider getting them a Fantasy Floorplan. What is that you ask? Well, artist Brandi Roberts hit on the unique idea of drafting up the floorplans for the homes featured in well known television series, from I Love Lucy, to Will & Grace - and more! If you’re gifting to a fan of one of the shows she has “floorplanned,” your gift search may well be over.

  4. HELP THEM KEEP THEIR COOL. A quality cooler. Before we researched last year’s “16 Gifts for Him” blog post, we had no idea coolers could get so sophisticated and high end, having previously only used cheapo models that seemed to be randomly inherited and never proactively sought out. If your gift recipient is someone who loves to spend time at the beach, loves to go fishing, camping or tailgate, a top notch cooler may well be the perfect gift. Whether it’s beverage holders, the ability to keep things cold for a super-long time, a cutting board and/or all the above features, there are some great coolers out there. We recommend checking out Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer or the Orion 35. Bonus: before gift wrapping (gift draping?) a cooler, tuck in a pack of your recipient’s favorite brewskies, a new pair of flip flops, a set of fishing flies and/or a new hat or t-shirt in support of their favorite sports team.

Manfrotto's backpack, ideal for the photographer on the go.

Manfrotto’s backpack, ideal for the photographer on the go.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. CAMERA READY. For the photographer in your life, we recommend checking out Manfrotto’s fantastic camera-ready knapsack. It manages to compactly contain a camera body and several lenses, not to mention a padded slot for a laptop and side pockets that are brilliant for tucking in external drives. It also has a large upper compartment for all those extra batteries, chargers, SD cards, lens wipes, filters and heavens knows what else! We have one of these packs ourselves and, frankly, aren’t sure why we waited so long. It’s super comfortable and makes traveling with our camera breeze. If you are gifting to an on-the-go photographer, this is definitely a gift worth checking out.

  2. PHOTOS ON THE GO. Speaking of cameras - do you know someone who is forever whipping out their iPhone to snap pics? If so, a Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer could be the gift for them. This little doo-daddy attaches to iPhones and basically turns them into mini Polaroids, allowing them to print snaps on the go. Pretty swell, no?

  3. WHERE COPPER IS BETTER THAN GOLD. For realz. When it comes to cookware, it’s hard to beat copper in terms of conductivity, never mind a simply lovely, classic look. When we want to ogle top notch copper cookware, we browse on over to the Falk website. If you have a culinary experimenter or budding chef on your gift list, a gorgeous Falk saucier, rondeau or roasting tray could be the winning gift you’ve been looking for!

  4. KEYED UP. Keypad skins were a new discovery for us this year - not in terms of the fact that they exist, but more in terms of their utility. Previously, we had thought folks only got them to jazz up their computer, be it changing the color of their keys, or adding an illustration over their keypad. Turns out though, there are a ton of practical applications, be it showing Photoshop shortcuts, or adding the characters of a secondary language to your keyboard. Perhaps your gift recipient is like us six months ago, not realizing these handy dandy tools exist. If they are a keen photographer, you may wish to check out the Photoshop skins and, for language learners - be it Hangul, Cyrillic, or any other alphabet - there are a plethora of options. Give your gift recipient a hand-up with their hobby by making their computer and keyboard experience that bit easier!

Snowe cheese utensils: simple but elegant.

Snowe cheese utensils: simple but elegant.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. TOTALLY CHEESY. We’re big on cheese around here. “Nibbles” dinners are a personal favorite - not only for convenience but also for their deliciousness. Our “nibbles” dinners pretty much always involve a cheese platter with some good, crusty bread and some accompaniments (i.e. salami, olives, etc.). Whether we’re dining solo or whether we’re sharing our cheese with others (hard to do, but for friends, we’ll do it), there are few things that make it easier than a simple white serving platter and a set of solid (yet practical and attractive!) cheese serving utensils. If you are gifting to a cheese lover, a notorious nibbler, a dairy queen (or king) and/or a fromage fanatic, we recommend Snowe’s round serving platter, paired with their cheese utensil trifecta.

  2. LET THEM EAT CAKE (BUT STYLISHLY). We love cake. Quite passionately, we might add. And, we have not a qualm about digging in with whatever utensil is to hand. That said, it often feels a bit more glamorous to use a tool specifically designed for the task - or, when guests come over, we don’t want to look like total Neanderthals. Enter Snowe’s simple but elegant cake server. It is an eminently simple, but elegant and handy tool for serving cakes, pies, brownies - you name it - basically, anything that’s deliciously desserty that we’d want to eat!

  3. TEE TIME. Last year we flagged American Giant’s superb sweatshirts for their eminent giftability. This year, we draw your attention to Outdoor Voices’ CloudKnit tee, available for both women and men (and garnering 5* from both sexes). Made from a polyester/Spandex blend, it is super soft with just a touch of stretch. Whether lounging about at home, or heading to the gym for some cardio, this t-shirt is a true all-rounder that we suspect would be a welcome addition to the wardrobe of many a gift recipient.

  4. CHARGING ON THE GO. For the person who’s constantly on the move, be it in their car or in the air, chances are they’re not always easily able to avail of an outlet. For those folks, we’d flag portable rechargers as a great gift idea. Check out Anker’s PowerWave fast wireless charger and/or Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD battery pack.

  5. TRAVELING IN STYLE. A piece of luggage is not exactly a new gift idea, but it’s such a solid and eminently practical one, we wanted to include it here. Whether you are gifting to someone who travels a lot for work or to a youngster about to head off on their first big adventure, a quality piece of luggage can be a gift that lasts many years - and in some cases (ha!), a lifetime! Airline rules about weights and dimensions for cabin luggage seem to have changed a lot in the last few years and luggage makers have adapted accordingly, tweaking bag dimensions and using ever-lighter (but still strong!) materials to make their bags. For these reasons, even a seasoned a travel may welcome a luggage update. Bags you may wish to check out: Samsonite’s Omni PC, Eddie Bauer’s Expedition rolling duffel or Tumi’s V3 expandable packing case.

  6. WATER-FRIENDLY PHOTOS. Be it seaside, pool side or lakeside, a waterproof camera gives peace of mind while giving your favorite photographer the ability to document all sorts of waterside (or in-water) experiences - even better, if they are a bit of an amateur naturalist, they can dive after fish, or poke around for crabs under barnacle covered rocks. Our Olympus Tough TG-5​ waterproof camera​ has been a real trooper - or, you may wish to check out ​Nikon’s COOLPIX W100​ waterproof digital camera. Last but not least, for some truly dedicated gear, do check out SeaLife’s DC2000 camera.

Lucchese's boot jack.

Lucchese’s boot jack.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. DEBOOTING. Gifting to a boot wearer? Whether cowboy or city slicker (and assuming they don’t already have one!), we can bet you that a boot jack will be a welcome gift. A boot jack is just about the handiest tool out there for helping to get your boots off. No need for a roommate, paramour or spouse to lend a (tugging) hand at the end of the day or after a night on the town, simply stand on the jack with one foot and wedge in the boot heel on the other. A solid pull or two later and you are bootless - indeed, it’s an especially handy tool when returning home after a few pints and taking off your boots suddenly seems like a Herculean task. As for where to get one? There are a lot of cheapo models out there - ones that are poorly made, or don’t have proper cushioning to prevent your boots from getting scuffed by the jack when you are using it. For that reason, we went to a boot maker with a heck of a lot of history to get ours - and, we are happy to report that Lucchese’s boot jack is a solid tool that gets the job done.

  2. DRONING ON. Speaking of photographers, if you know a passionate shutterbug and you fancy knocking them off their feet, check out DJI’s Spark Mini Drone with camera. Give your recipient the freedom to experiment with aerial shots - from family celebrations, to capturing wildlife, to scenic shots - drones offer a lot of photographic potential, especially to the photographer that loves to shoot outdoors and to experiment with different techniques.

  3. REMOTE CONTROL. Know someone who is drowning in remotes and wants to simplify their life? Do check out Logitech’s Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control​. This remote helps folks harness all their remote controlled doo-dads under one, handy umbrella! Whether for the man cave, the lady lounge or the family den, this is both a handy and practical gift.

  4. STORAGE GALORE. If you know an iPhone or iPad owner who loves to take pictures but sometimes forgets to free up enough storage space, SanDisk’s iXpand Flash Drive may well be the perfect gift. This handy drive allows folks to offload their iPhone photos on the fly, immediately freeing up space. Or, for an even more direct approach, folks can plug the drive in their phone and store photos directly to the drive.

  5. A BRUSH WITH TRADITION. Mason Pearson hairbrushes are pretty legendary in terms of their quality and durability. Pearson was a British inventor who, at the end of the 19th century, rethought how brushes were made. After his death in the early years of the 20th century, his legacy was carried on by his wife and son, and today’s brushes scarcely differ from the models they made available in the 1920s - true classics that have stood the test of time. Bristle options range from natural, to nylon bristles (or some combination thereof), in a range of sizes and colors. Mason Pearson brushes are a bit of an investment but one we’ve found is eminently worth it over time - this can also make them the perfect way to splurge on someone, gifting a little luxury they might not otherwise treat themselves to. And, what better way to treat someone than to upgrade their experience with something they do every day of the year, sometimes multiple times a day - namely, brush their hair.

Endura bike gloves.

Endura bike gloves.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. BIKE HANDS. Know someone who loves to cycle to work? Take recreational rides on the weekend? Or perhaps both? If they are based in a cold weather climate, chances are that chilly hands fast become an issue come fall. For that reason, we’d recommend checking out Endura’s bike gloves. They are slim fitting and the slight sponginess of the material they are made from is super comfortable. Take your biker friend’s glove game up a couple of notches with a pair of these.

  2. FANTASTIC FOREST. We’re kind of wowed by a lot of things that Farmhouse Pottery makes but for the purposes of this list, we wanted to highlight their absolutely stunning wooden and ceramic trees. Available individually or in various collections, you can mix and match to create a very special forest just for your gift recipient. As ornaments, they can be displayed year round or, alternately, become part of an annual decorating scheme for one or more winter holiday. We think there’s a high likelihood that a set of these will become a family heirloom.

  3. FANCY FEAST (AT HOME). Know someone who’d love a night off from the dishes? If we were to stop right there, we’d recommend a restaurant gift certificate (still a grand idea!) to a local hotspot they have yet to try. That said, perhaps your gift recipient prefers their sweatpants to their Sunday best - or, perhaps they’re simply dead beat at the end of the day and a snooze on the sofa is just about the most enticing thing you could dangle in front of them? If that’s the case, then may we suggest the gift of a food delivery gift certificate - for example, for Caviar, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Doordash - or, whichever app happens to service their local area. Chances are when they are tucking into their sushi, their pizza, or their bibimbap, they’ll be sending you a silent thank you via karma waves (they’re a thing, right?).

  4. KITCHEN TEMPS. If you are gifting to someone who is a passionate home cook - be it on a grill, be it over flame, be it baking, or be it full on savory cooking - and they do not yet have a Thermapen… Boom. Your search for a gift is now over. These fantastic little tools are darned amazing at what they do. Namely, promptly and accurately taking a temperature read. So, whether your recipient is trying to gauge whether their chicken is fully cooked, their steak is medium rare, or their dough is the right temperature, a Thermapen is the answer.

  5. WINE FOR THE WIN. Have you heard of the Coravin system? We first encountered it a few years back at a fancy restaurant when it was in the testing phase. Even then, the sommelier (who had been using it for one year as part of the trial phase) was really impressed by its wine preservation abilities and since then, the system has been finalized and rolled out to many other fine dining restaurants around the country (and probably even the world now too!). What’s so cool about the Coravin system is that it allows you to pour only one glass of a rare or valuable wine without having to drink the remainder and without risk of spoilage. First, you pour a glass through the cork using a very fine, straw-like spout. Then, argon gas capsules allow you to fill the bottle space (created by the poured glass) with a stable gas, preventing oxidation and spoilage. If you know a fine wine connoisseur, someone who loves to savor a very special glass every now and again, this may well be the gift for them!

Circuit board ornaments by CircuitBreakerLabs.

Circuit board ornaments by CircuitBreakerLabs.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. LOGICAL ORNAMENTATION. For the tech lover in your life, chances are you may wish to check out Amanda Preske’s Etsy shop, CircuitBreakerLabs where she sells all sorts of logic board related gifts - from jewelry, to ornaments. As coders ourselves, we have one of Amanda’s lovely circuit board necklaces. For holiday gifting though, what we’d like to highlight is her set of circuit board ornaments. They’re cheery, unique and fun - not to mention the fact that every year they are unwrapped, they will remind your gift recipient of the wonderful person who gave them!

  2. GARDEN TOOL EXTRAORDINAIRE. Gifting to a gardener? Do check out our post from a few months ago for a whole host of ideas. On that list you’ll find one tool we now think is so indispensable in the garden that we simply had to include it here: namely the Japanese hori hori knife. This dagger-like tool makes weeding positively fun, and planting bulbs an easy peasy process, never mind the quick work it makes of sawing through unwanted roots. Eminently versatile, eminently handy, if you are gifting to a gardener who does not yet have a hori hori, prepare to be lauded as a gift-giver extraordinaire!

  3. WINE EXCELLENCE. One more for the wine lovers out there in three short words: Zalto wine glasses. Elegance, craftsmanship, luxury - these are all words these glasses connote and if you would like to spoil a wine-loving gift recipient something special, you would be remiss if you did not check out their Denk’Art glasses, especially the Denk’Art Universal glass. A pair of those, we venture to guess, will make any wine taste a smidge or two more special!

  4. PERSONAL TRAINING. For the active person in your life, or for the person who will be making a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, you may wish to consider gifting them Aaptiv’s personal training app. Their app includes access to thousands of workouts and programs that can be narrowed down according to your recipient’s goals, their desired workout duration, trainer preferences and even their favorite music. You can gift an annual subscription, making it easy peasy to help your loved one on their way to feeling great in the coming year.

  5. SCARF SCORE. We really, really want one of Yokoo Gibraan’s scarves - an infinity scarf or a snow leopard - or, if we’re totally honest, we kind of want one of each. In. Every. Color. Take a look at her gorgeous selection and we dare you to not to start thinking about self-gifting. Seriously though, if you are looking to give someone in a cold weather climate (read: plenty of snow), then look no further for a cozy, cuddly (yet super stylish!) gift that will more than go the distance (literally and figuratively!).

A vintage, plated silver sifting spoon. Pretty, no?

A vintage, plated silver sifting spoon. Pretty, no?
© Little Birdie Me

  1. VINTAGE KITCHEN IMPLEMENTS. Vintage kitchen silver or silver plate utensils can add a dash of old fashioned magic to most any occasion. We recommend sussing out something a little unusual that your recipient is unlikely to have - for example, a loose leaf tea strainer, a sifting spoon, a quenelle spoon, or matching salt and pepper boats, complete with wee spoons.

  2. PARACHUTING IN. Remember those rainbow parachutes from gym class? For a blast from the past, for a bit of silliness and (we suspect) a pretty good laugh, consider gifting your loved one their very own rainbow parachute. Yeah, we didn’t know they existed anywhere outside the school gymnasium either but they do!

  3. TOOL TIME. For new homeowners - or, long time homeowners who appreciate quality tools - a set of Wera tools is a solid gift choice. We were researching ratchets and screwdrivers as a gift for someone and were bowled over by the sheer number of 5-star reviews that started something like, “I am a carpenter/builder/plumber/electrician by trade…” Let’s just say, if the pros find these German-made tools to be worth the investment, count us in! And, we’ve been counted in a couple of times now as we have gifted Wera sets - like their 26-piece Zyklop ratchet and bit set or their 7-piece screwdriver set - to folks. Feedback indicates that these tools are much appreciated over the long run (as well as the short term).

  4. KITCHEN ACCURACY. A digital scale is one of our kitchen essentials, making recipe replication that much more consistent, nevermind the added convenience of having less cleanup (by weighing straight into our mixing bowl, we use many fewer measuring cups and measuring spoons). If your recipient loves to cook, a digital scale not only helps with recipe accuracy but with portioning, be it ensuring one’s Parkerhouse rolls are the same size, or weighing cake batter into cake tins to ensure layers of equal widths (and equal degrees of doneness). Give your recipient a chance to take their cooking to the next level in terms of precision and ease. Scales you may wish to check out include Escali’s P115C Primo Digital, Salter’s Aquatronic and My Weigh’s KD8000.

  5. TACO TIME. The question should probably be who DOESN’T like tacos? No one, right?! For that reason, we think a tortilla press, like Victoria’s cast iron press, makes for a pretty swell gift. For bonus points, augment your gift with an avocado gift basket (check out Avocado Organic or Avocado of the Month Club) or hot sauce gift bundle!

For the forager.

For the forager.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. FORAGING FINDS. Looking to give a gift to a budding gastronome? Further expand their local culinary horizons by immersing them in the edible flowers, plants and fungi that can be found in their own backyard. Is there a local mushroom club? Gift them a membership. A local foraging class? Sign them up! Or, gift them several topical books. If your recipient is US-based, you may wish to consider The Complete Mushroom Hunter and/or the National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to North American Mushrooms to help with mushroom identification, and/or Edible Wild Plants for the lowdown on edible plants.

  2. SEE AND BE SEEN. A quality pair of compact binoculars is not often something that people think to give but it’s the kind of thing that your recipient will very much appreciate when they fancy checking out the weird bird perched across the street, watching a sports game from the upper decks, taking in a regatta, or attending the opera, amongst a trillion other things. Not sure where to start? Have a look at (ha!) Athlon Optics’ Midas binoculars or Aurosports’ folding binoculars.

  3. ORGANIZED TRAVEL. What exactly is a travel tray? Typically, it’s a small tray that packs flat but snaps at each of its four corners to provide a handy dandy little catch-all while on the road. Use it for jewelry, watches, cufflinks, collar stays, tie pins, and the like. By corralling all of your small bits and bobs into one place, it makes them easier to find and reduces the chances they will be lost or left behind. Most travel trays we’ve seen were made of leather. That said, we’ve also gifted a lovely one made of cork - and other materials are used too. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend checking out: Leatherology, T. Anthony or Smythson

  4. BEAUTIFUL BALLOONS. For a stunning splurge, check out Robert Kuster’s gorgeous glass balloons, available via Uncommon Goods. One reviewer wrote that they had purchased several of the balloons as a gift for a very special niece on her 40th birthday, writing in the card, “never lose the child within.” It’s in that spirit that we wanted to add Mr. Kuster’s beautiful, handmade works of art to this list. Indeed, if you wish to give someone a little bit of wonder and magic, this is a gift to consider. Note: because the balloons are handmade, there can be some size variation.

  5. WORKING AT HOME. For the gift recipient who is often to be found seated on the sofa, furiously working away on their laptop - be it for work or pleasure - consider making them a bit more comfortable with a lap desk like those by Honey-Can-Do, SONGMICS or LapGear. We regularly trot out our lap desk when we fancy working in a slightly more relaxed spot - be it editing our photos, catching up on e-mails or working on blog posts (very meta, no?). Give your recipient the flexibility to work comfortably from bed, in an armchair or sitting cross-legged on the sofa.

A petticoat by The Hand Made Petticoat Company.

A petticoat by The Hand Made Petticoat Company.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. CLASSIC CHIC. Know someone who tends to invest in classy basics when it comes to their clothes, peppering their wardrobe with fewer (but high quality) pieces of distinction? If so, then you may wish to consider gifting them an item of vintage apparel - be it clothing, jewelry or accessories. Transport them with a piece from the dapper days of the 1920s, take a trip in the hot tub time machine to the 1980s, or consider a bit of hippie chic with something from the 1960s. A few vintage vendors you may wish to check out: Butch Wax Vintage, VintageEnMode, persephonevintage, DEARGOLDEN and/or BetaMenswear. Final word to the wise: if you find you need a petticoat to go along with a frock you are gifting (not uncommon for many of the fabulous dresses of the 1950s), check out The Hand Made Petticoat Company - we found out about Maria Ferguson’s excellent work thanks to a hot tip from Butch Wax Vintage a while back.

  2. LIGHT OF MY LIFE. Your gift recipient probably already has a flashlight. But maybe it’s a cheapie? One where the light flickers, or where the batteries rattle around in their casing - or perhaps gives off a pretty pathetic beam of light? If that sounds familiar, you may wish to consider giving your recipient a quality flashlight - like Maglite’s ML300LX or, for targeted inspection, COAST’s penlight. It may seem like a kind of boring gift but, come the next plumbing crisis, the next blackout, or the next game of night tag, chances are you and your practical thoughtfulness will be given a silent thank you. Still not convinced? If your recipient lives in chilly climes, you may wish to check out the X-Cap light up hat. The X-Cap is a one-size-fits-most-people knit hat that has a light affixed right to the front, just above your eyes. As a result, it’s handy for all sorts of outdoorsy nighttime winter activities - be it biking, running, walking the dog or night sledding!

  3. UP, UP AND AWAY. We’ve only been on a balloon ride once but it was an unforgettable experience. If your recipient lives not far from a reputable hot air balloonist, consider gifting them this marvelous experience. Typically, a balloon ride involves rising early and setting off on your adventure in the morning’s quiet. We got to watch the morning mist dissipate over the landscape, as the tail end of the sunrise turned into a glorious morning. A balloon ride is spectacular by itself but, if you want to be super extra and splurge on your recipient, consider booking a trip to a balloon festival where you get to watch large numbers of balloons set off into the wild blue yonder, both morning and night. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is especially famous.

  4. OLIVE YOU. One of the things we use on a near daily basis around here is our eminently affordable Tablecraft oil and vinegar dispenser. We use ours for olive oil and can highly recommend it as practical/handy/useful. Our recommendation? Pair it with a good quality olive oil for a top notch gift. We love Aria olive oil for its slightly buttery and not too green flavor. Don’t get us wrong, we like the grassy/peppery olive oils too but tend to apply them on a more specialized basis. Aria olive oil is extremely versatile, working well as a cooking oil, a drizzler and/or in salad dressings. We usually get the 3 liter tin which is excellent value and a real kitchen staple!

  5. LOUNGING ON THE FLY. This is one of the funniest (yet surprisingly ingenious) things we have come across in our hunt for top notch gift ideas: the air lounger. Essentially, it’s a portable, inflatable hammock. It does not require trees or any kind of staking, just a well managed swipe to capture enough air to fill it up (check out the short demonstration video on YouTube). Dutch designer Marijn Oomen created the original air lounger, the Lamzac, and his version is available through the MOMA store or from Fatboy. As with most things that are clever and useful, competitors quickly tend to appear, in this case the WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger available from is one such example. If you know someone who loves the outdoors, long road trips, camping under the stars (be it in their backyard or in Yosemite), or someone fancies a more luxurious way to lounge beachside, an air lounger may well be the way to go!

A seminal work on bread baking.

A seminal work on bread baking.
© Little Birdie Me

  1. FOR THE BREAD BAKER. If you are looking to give a gift to someone who loves to bake bread, who is curious about kitchen science and loves to tinker around with recipes and techniques AND you are inclined to splurge on them, do check out Modernist Kitchen’s latest offering: Modernist Bread: The Art and Science. A five-volume work that contains more than 2,600 pages of history, science and recipes, it’s a comprehensive and in-depth look at bread baking from a myriad of angles. Authored by Nathan Myhrvold (founder of The Cooking Lab, Modernist Cuisine’s home) and Francisco Migoya (head chef of the Modernist Cuisine culinary team), this weighty set of tomes is bound to delight any baker passionate about breadmaking.

  2. GYM ESSENTIALS. For the gym regular in your life, the athlete, the loved one training for their first marathon, consider gifting them what we like to call a “gym pack.” What is that you ask? Essentially it’s a new gym bag (like Nike’s Sport backpack) filled with things like a bottle of WIN detergent (excellent for getting out that gym stink!), a pair of Adidas Adilette flip flops (top notch for gym showers!), a fresh and fantastic shower wash like Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source body wash, and perhaps a new set of sweats and/or windbreaker for pre- or post-workout warmth and comfort. Feeling extra fancy? Tuck in a gift certificate for a massage.

  3. COMFORT FOOD. There are few people we know who do not ❤️ brownies, especially when paired with a cold, cold glass of milk. This is a great gift that you can make yourself - we heartily endorse King Arthur Flour’s recipe which has stood us in good stead throughout the years. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or inclination to bake up a batch yourself, Baked NYC does a fab job of shipping their super-moist, uber-chocolatey brownies. We know from personal experience. 😉

  4. FOR THE WORLD TRAVELER. For the world traveler - be it for business, pleasure, or both - if they have enough miles under their belt, or even if they are just at the start of their travel adventures, a world scratch map can make for a wonderful gift. Essentially, it’s a map of the world that has the kind of scratch-off coating on it that one finds on scratch card games. In this case though, you scratch off the coating on each country you visit. As such, it can be a great visual reminder of memorable trips, of miles covered, and of bucket list items ticked off. Too, we think this is a gift that works well for individuals, for couples and for families - it’s great as a group activity, it can become a special tradition for couples, or it can serve as a marker of personal goals that have been met. As to where to source one? There are many options out there, but you may wish to start by checking out the maps by Uncommon Goods or Maps International.

  5. LET’S MAKE MUSIC. For someone whose life is regularly enriched by music and who tends to listen to their music via digital means (streaming or otherwise), consider gifting them a Sonos sound system. Sonos allows for easy access and playability via WiFi throughout one’s home. It permits volume management and playlist selection via one’s smartphone as well as control over where one’s music is to play - just the kitchen, for example, or all rooms in the house. For the less digitally inclined music lover - i.e. for the folks who love to use an old school record player - a turntable stabilizer or record weight may be the way to go, to help them tamp down on unwanted vibration (especially on bass heavy recordings). For example, Sou’Laes Audio’s highly regarded stabilizer could be just the ticket gift for your recipient. Each stabilizer weighs 500 grams, is milled of solid aluminium and comes with an anti-slip foam patch on the bottom to protect one’s record labels.

  6. WEEKEND BITES. Know someone who loves weekends, having a lie-in, leisurely reading the Sunday edition, coffee, and the occasional spot of baking? If they tick all those boxes, and especially the last one, you may wish to check out a bagel and cream cheese making kit - talk about a fun project and a tasty weekend!

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