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6 Essential Items You'll Find at Our Gift Wrapping Station

Peak gift wrapping season is just around the corner - are you ready? Here are some of our essentials!

By A Little Birdie | Posted on November 8, 2018 in Gift Wrapping


A few of our gift wrapping essentials.

A few of our gift wrapping essentials.
© Little Birdie Me

Peak gift wrapping season is just around the corner so we thought now would be the perfect time to take stock of some of the essential tools we like to have on hand, tools that make wrapping that bit easier and, in some cases, a touch more professional looking (without any added hassle).

We didn’t include ribbon or wrapping paper on our list of items as we figured they’re pretty obvious requirements in most gift wrapping situations. That said, a brief word on how we organize them. A little while back, we wrote a post on how we use dowels to neatly organize all of our ribbon and washi tape, while at the same time making them a piece of cake to move, to store and to dispense. If you think you might be interested in doing the same, we included step-by-step DIY instructions that hopefully make it an easy project for all. As for gift wrap, we don’t do anything revolutionary. It is pretty much all organized vertically in repurposed cardboard boxes for easy review and easy access.

Looking beyond ribbon and paper, here are six items we’ve found make our gift wrapping efforts both easier and more successful:

  1. A SOLID TAPE DISPENSER: We use the word “solid” here because, while it is perfectly feasible to use a disposable tape dispenser, a more permanent solution will make things a heck of a lot easier. It’s much harder to single-handedly dispense tape from a disposable dispenser than it is one that has enough weight to stay in place. Why does this matter? When you are wrapping, you’ll often be holding the paper in place with one hand while getting a piece of tape with the other. If your dispenser is properly weighted, this is a breeze. Moreover, in the long run, you’ll likely save money. Buying a pack of refill rolls for a dispenser will generally be cheaper than buying a new, disposable dispenser every time you need a new roll of tape. We ordered this black tape dispenser which comes with six rolls of Scotch Magic tape and it has been a real workhorse for over five years now.

  2. SOOKWANG DOUBLE SIDED TAPE: There are lots of double-sided tapes out there but, shortly after we launched Little Birdie Me, we discovered one that totally changed up our gift wrapping game, namely Sookwang’s double-sided tape. It’s acid-free, heat resistant and very sticky. Best of all though is that when you dispense it, only one side is exposed, while the other remains protected by sticker paper. This means you can easily measure it out and lay it down without getting it stuck to your fingers. Then, simply pull off the protective paper whenever you’re ready to adhere. It’s a bit like laying out the sticky part of sealable envelopes yourself and having the flexibility to remove the protective paper strip whenever you wish. Last but not least, we’d also highlight the narrow width of this tape which means it can be handily used for everything from larger parcels to affixing small gift cards. When we want to wrap a gift that looks super professional, instead of regular Scotch tape, we use this to affix the ends of our present, hiding all signs of tape from view.

  3. RANGER INKSSENTIALS PAPER CREASER: This is another tool that helped us take our gift wrapping game up a notch or two after we launched Little Birdie Me: Ranger’s Inkssentials paper creaser. Initially, we purchased this handy little tool to help us do a better job with our origami folds but quickly realized that it had so many great applications when it came to gift wrapping when you’re looking to achieve extra sharp folds and creases. If you like pleating your gift wrap, for example, this will be a super handy little tool!

  4. GOOD QUALITY SCISSORS: There are lots of memes out there likening X, Y or Z feeling to that moment when your scissors start to glide when you’re cutting wrapping paper. That glide occurs more frequently and with greater ease when you have sharp, high quality scissors. We have a pair of Fiskars’ Gingher gold-handled shears and try not to use them for anything but gift wrapping and crafting to keep them in tip top shape. We also have a pair of Fiskars’ dressmaker’s shears which we solely use for fabric cutting but suspect they would be swell paper cutters too.

  5. A SELECTION OF GIFT TAGS: Ok, how often have you wrapped a gift and realized you are without a gift card or gift tag? We have done that far too many times, resorting to the old improvisation of folding a piece of wrapping paper in half and using that for our gift message. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you fancy a slightly more polished look to your wrapped gifts, you may wish to invest in a selection of small gift cards and gift tags all at once. Check out the likes of BagOfTags, shoptwofold, MarleneMakes, TheScriptMarket, or SweetlyScrappedArt. By stocking up now, you’ll be super prepared next time you need to wrap a present.

  6. A HOLE PUNCH: Be it making your own tags from swanky shopping bags, or creating a bit of confetti, we have found that a hole punch can come in surprisingly handy when you are gift wrapping. If you are only getting one, we’d recommend going for the traditionally-sized ¼” hole punch. For delicate little gift tag holes though, do check out Fiskars’ ⅛” hole punch. Having both of these to hand will make your gift wrapping easy peasy, be it punching a hole in a gift tag that did not come with a hole, or handily punching a neat hole in the top of a paper bag to decorate it with some ribbon.

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