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Hello, World!

Hello, welcome, bonjour, bienvenue, hola and bienvenido! We’re really excited to be here. So, who are "we" and what’s this blog all about?

By A Little Birdie | Posted on August 12, 2017 in About Us, Coding


Desktop view of a tablet displaying an "hello, world!" program.

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‟Hello, world!” is an exclamation well known to coders. For many, their first successful program would have echoed this phrase back to them. In fact, we recently learned that writing an “Hello, world!” program is a tradition that dates back 50 years or so, a pretty long time in the history of computing. Because this is our inaugural blog post, and because it took a fair bit of coding (as well as, we admit, a spot of dancing and some solid snacking!) to get to this juncture, it seemed a particularly appropriate greeting with which to kick things off. So, hello, world - and, welcome to “A Little Birdie Told Me,” our brand new blog!

First off, we just want to say that we’re really excited to be here. Little Birdie Me started as a labor of love – an attempt to minimize or, even better, eliminate entirely – the need for regifting. In the age of the “Wish List,” we’re hoping it offers a way to improve communication between givers and receivers, linking to wish lists, yes, but also gathering what we call “gifting preferences,” information that will help guide givers to surprise gifts their recipients (i.e. you!) will really love – be it a tangible object, a marvelous experience or a charitable donation.

Our primary goal for this blog is the same as our primary goal for the Gifting Resources section of Little Birdie Me: to help community members give gifts as successfully and easily as possible. Whereas the Gifting Resources section of the site is home to a static collection of tools – a gemstone directory, a wedding anniversary reference, downloadable worksheets (and more!) – this blog will be a more dynamic resource, an ever-growing (and hopefully innovative!) source for ideas, tips, information and assistance. Most importantly, we would like it to be a community forum, where folks use our posts to jump-start discussions. For example, if we share some of our favorite tips for gifting economically, we hope you’ll weigh in with your own tips and ideas. We know we’d love to hear them and, we suspect, others will too!

So, what exactly can you expect to see from us? We are embarking on this adventure with the belief that anything gift-related falls within the blog’s purview – be it the history of gifting, current market trends, or factoids and trivia. Mostly, though, we anticipate sharing ideas and inspiration, be it for gift presentation, gift wrapping, or for gifts themselves. That said, we’d also like to take this opportunity to kick off in the manner we’d like to continue – by reaching out to you all for feedback! What gift-related topics would you like us to research and write about? We’re always open to your suggestions.

Last but not least, thank you for having a read of our first-ever post here at “A Little Birdie Told Me.” If you like the sound of what we’re all about, please do subscribe to receive e-mail notification of our blog posts – or, pick and choose which topics you’d like to hear about!

Thanks again for reading, and welcome!

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