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The ins and outs of building, creating, doing and/or making something.

4 Tips for Making a Great Toast (Plus Some Jokes You Can Use!)

By A Little Birdie

Worried about how to make a great toast? We’ve got some helpful tips for you!

The holidays are here and, along with wedding season, this is perhaps one of the peak times of year for toasts, be it to friends, family, th... Read more

DIY Gift Wrap: Leaves in Wax Paper

By A Little Birdie

This childhood throwback makes for an easy, seasonal and fun way to wrap gifts in the fall.

In these parts, we love fall for many reasons. Among them: wool blankets, caramel apples and (after summer’s humidity) the sharp, clear ai... Read more

8 Summer Gift Wrapping Ideas

By A Little Birdie

Fancy having a little bit of fun with your gift wrapping this summer? We’ve got eight great ideas for hot weather celebrations!

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a few tips on pressing and... Read more

10 of the Best Videos We’ve Watched on Tying Bows and Getting Creative with Ribbon

By A Little Birdie

Whether you’re a bow-tying novice, or looking to up your ribbon game, we’ve sussed out some great how-to videos for you!

There are all sorts of ways to garnish a gift, but the most classic method has to be with a bow or ribbon in some form or other - be it sati... Read more

11 Great Gift Wrapping Videos

By A Little Birdie

Got some gift wrapping to do? Not sure where to begin? We suggest one or more of these excellent how-to videos!

We've watched a goodly number of instructional and how-to videos on all sorts of gift wrapping related subjects. Here are a few of our favor... Read more

10 Tips on How to Make a Treasure Hunt

By A Little Birdie

Treasure hunts are fun for all ages and a great way to give a gift. Here are some ideas for crafting your own!

We find it’s the rare person who does not enjoy going on a treasure hunt – somehow, they manage to bring out the child in all of us! Ove... Read more

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