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Tag: On A Shoestring

Putting on our creativity caps and pulling out all the stops to be wallet-wise.

5 More Budget-Friendly Gifts

By A Little Birdie

Looking for distinctive, yet affordable gift ideas? We've got five more economical options.

Here at Little Birdie Me, we're of the belief that, for most folks, the most meaningful and special gifts they have ever received likely hav... Read more

Gifting on a Budget: 10 Affordable Gift Ideas

By Mary Murphy

Looking for budget-conscious gift ideas? Here are 10 suggestions for creative, economical gifts.

On occasion, forced economy can be a good thing. It can lead to wonderful bursts of creativity that never would have occurred were it not fo... Read more

10 Tips for Gift Wrapping on a Budget

By A Little Birdie

Ways to reduce gift wrapping costs so that you have more to spend on the gifts themselves.

These days, when a greeting card or gift bag can cost more than a Starbucks coffee, wrapping costs can quickly add up. If you are gifting on... Read more

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