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The Language of Flowers

Sending flowers? Mix and match your blooms to send just the right message.
The language of flowers is a tradition, popularized in the 19th century, of assigning flowers specific meanings.

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Flowers and their associated meanings
Flower Meaning
Amaryllis Pride | Timidity | Splendid beauty
Asters Variety | Afterthought | Patience
Azalea Temperance | Fragile and ephemeral passion
Cactus Warmth
Cactus - Opuntia Ardent love
Carnations - Deep Red Alas! for my poor heart. | My heart breaks.
Carnations - Pink I will never forget you.
Carnations - Striped Refusal | I cannot be without you.
Carnations - Yellow Disdain
Chrysanthemums - Red I love.
Chrysanthemums - White Truth
Chrysanthemums - Yellow Slighted love
Cyclamen Diffidence | Timid hope
Daffodils Regard | New beginnings
Dahlias Instability | Dignity
Daisies Innocence
Daisies - Garden I share your sentiments.
Daisies - Michaelmas Farewell
Daisies - Party-colored Beauty
Daisies - Wild I will think of it.
Fern Fascination | Sincerity
Freesia Lasting friendship
Gardenia Refinement
Hyacinths Sport | Game | Play
Hyacinths - Blue Constancy
Hyacinths - Purple Please forgive me.
Hyacinths - White Unobtrusive loveliness | Beauty
Hydrangea A boaster | Heartlessness | Dispassion
Irises Message
Irises - German/Bearded Flame
Lavender Distrust | Mistrust
Lilies - Calla Magnificent beauty | Modesty
Lilies - Day Coquetry
Lilies - Imperial Majesty
Lilies - White Purity | Sweetness
Lilies - Yellow Falsehood | Gaiety
Orchids - Orchis A belle | A refined beauty
Peonies Shame | Bashfulness | Anger
Poinsettia Be of good cheer
Roses - Bridal Happy love
Roses - Burgundy Unconscious beauty
Roses - Cabbage Ambassador of love
Roses - Damask Brilliant complexion
Roses - Orange Fascination
Roses - Pale Peach Modesty
Roses - Pink Grace
Roses - Purple Enchantment
Roses - Red Love
Roses - Single Simplicity
Roses - White I'm worthy of you. | Heart unacquainted with love
Roses - Yellow Decrease of love | Jealously | Infidelity
Roses - Red and white together Unity
Rosebuds - Red Pure and lovely
Rosebuds - White Girlhood
Sunflowers False riches
Sunflowers - Dwarf Adoration
Sunflowers - Tall Haughtiness
Tulips Fame
Tulips - Red Declaration of love
Tulips - Variegated Beautiful eyes
Tulips - Yellow Hopeless love
Violets Modest worth
Violets - Blue Faithfulness
Violets - Sweet Modesty
Violets - Yellow Rural happiness

Sources: Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway
and A Victorian Flower Dictionary by Mandy Kirkby