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Organizational Aids

Prefer to organize offline? Here are some print-outs to help with gift planning, budgeting and tracking!

Gift Organizer

A spreadsheet to help organize and plan gift giving for events such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid-al-Adha, Bodhi Day - or any similar such gifting occasion!

Note down the recipient, the gift, whether you will make or buy the gift, the store or website where you will buy the item (or the materials needed to make it). Keep track of your progress - check off when you have secured a card, finished making (or bought) the gift, wrapped it and given it.

Data fields: Recipient - Gift - Make|Buy - Store/Website - Card - Bought|Made - Wrapped - Given

Gift Record

A spreadsheet to help you (or a helpful friend!) keep track of gifts given at a bridal shower, a baby shower - or any similar gifting event.

Note down the name of the giver, the gift, a short description of the item given and, after the event is over, keep track of whether you have sent a thank you note.

Data fields: Giver - Gift - Description - Thank you sent?

Gift Budget Worksheet

A spreadsheet to aid in budgeting gift costs and expenses for the year or for larger-scale gifting occasions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid-al-Adha or Bodhi Day.

Note down your gift recipients, the items and quanties you are giving, the price of each item and any other associated expenses such as shipping, mailing and/or gift wrapping. Total your actual spend and compare it to your budgeted cost. Subtract your actual expenditure from your budgeted expenditure to determine whether your gift giving was over or under budget.

Data fields: Recipient - Gift - Quantity - Price - S+H - Wrapping - Other - Cost - Budget

Gifts - Shopping List

Organize all the gifts you plan to give in an easy-to-review checklist.

Note down a gift, the intended recipient and where you will source the item - on a website or in a bricks and mortar shop. Mark your progress as you do your shopping - and, an added bonus: after your gifts have been given, you'll have a quick reference for returns and/or exchanges!

Data fields: Gift - Recipient - Store|Website

Gifts - Annual List

What gifting events will you be attending in the year ahead? Use this worksheet to organize the gifts you plan to give for birthdays, to hosts/hostesses, as thank yous, for weddings, for baby or bridal showers, to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and/or to mark a housewarming.

This checklist serves as a great starting point to brainstorm your year in gifts and keep your gifting organized throughout the year. In each category, note down the names of your gift recipient(s), checking them off once your gift has been given.

Data field: Recipient

DIY Gift Worksheet

Making a gift for someone? Brainstorm and plan with this DIY planner!

Note down the gift, recipient, occasion and date that your creation will be given. Append color samples, sketch out your idea, make notes, list the materials you need to complete the project and note your instruction source for future reference.

Data fields: Gift - Recipient - Occasion - Date - Instruction Source - Sketches + Notes - Samples - Materials List

Homemade Gift Worksheet

Cooking up a gift for someone? Organize and plan your baking or cooking project with this homemade gift worksheet!

Keep track of the gift, recipient, occasion and date. Record your recipe source, check you have all the necessary ingredients, keep track of any tweaks you make to the recipe, note down additional observations about process, flavor, baking time or packaging - and, last but not least, be sure to rate the recipe and record whether you would make the same gift again for handy future reference!

Data fields: Gift - Recipient - Occasion - Date - Recipe Source - Recipe Tweaks - Rating - Make again? - Ingredient List - Notes