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Little Birdie Me is a website where folks can gather all of their gift-related information in one place, indicating their gift preferences, linking to existing wish lists and registries, keeping track of gifts given - and much more!

For more details and to view sample screenshots, please visit the Learn More page.

We highly recommend the following:

  1. At minimum, we suggest completing the General Preferences section - this gives folks a good basic overview of what you like (and don't like) receiving.

  2. Once your General Preferences are sorted, we recommend building the portions of your profile in areas where you'd really like to receive gifts. Love wine? Definitely fill out the wine section! Feel kind of 'meh' about receiving subscriptions? Then, give the Magazines & Newspapers section a miss. This will help focus potential gift givers' attention on the things you'll most enjoy receiving. That said, if you feel really strongly about NOT receiving something, do make that clear. Basically, hit up the things you really love, and the things you really dislike - give the middle ground a miss.

  3. We also suggest checking out the About Me modules. Have favorite shops in your neighborhood, town or city? Partial to certain brands? Striving to be more entrepreneurial? Love to play golf? To knit? Let folks know! This is the kind of information that might, for example, help them give you that perfect book on starting your own business, some gorgeous new yarns, or a gift certificate to your favorite local clothing store.

  4. You know your friends and family best and, if you feel the gift givers in your life might want or need direct guidance, DO fill out the Wish List modules where you can link in your online wish lists or registries - or, create an abstract wish list for things like, "things to make my commute more interesting", "the perfect pair of sweatpants" or, "a parent's night out."

  5. Last but not least, if you are one half of a couple and your significant other is also a Little Birdie Me user, you may wish to consider activating a Shared Profile. What is a Shared Profile? Basically, we compare your and your significant other's preferences and create a profile detailing your shared loves, likes and dislikes. This way, if a friend or family member wants to give you a gift as a couple, they have a quick reference point to see what might tickle both your fancies!

Almost everything. We require a few bits of basic information (like your name, e-mail, etc.) but, beyond that, what you choose to add to your profile is entirely up to you. Moreover, your Privacy Settings allow you to customize exactly who sees what segments of your profile. Hide your profile entirely, give folks only a peep, share it all - it's up to you!

Easy peasy! If you have an account, the best way to reach us about anything is to Log in and send us an e-mail from the 'Contact Us' page.

If you are having trouble setting up an account, please send an e-mail to: