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Deleting Your Account

Very easy. We're always sorry to see someone go but understand that sometimes it's a necessity. Or, sometimes folks simply want to build their profile from scratch again. Whatever the reason, we don't want to make it a difficult process or hide the delete link somewhere obscure. We don't like it when other sites do that to us, so we certainly don't want to inflict that approach on you!

Deleting a Little Birdie Me account is a simple, two-step process that can be initiated from the Account Management page. There is no need to contact us or get approval to have your account deleted. Once you click the big red button, account deletion happens almost instantaneously.

A final word of caution - many sites do a 'soft delete' when you close an account, meaning your data isn't totally gone from their servers. We figure if you're deleting your account, that means you really don't want any data lingering about so, in order to respect what we assume is the wish of the user, we do a 'hard delete.' For this reason, it is not possible for us to recover deleted accounts. As well, please note that, once you delete an account, it will no longer be possible to edit or delete any comments on our blog that are associated with that account.