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Privacy Settings

Privacy is extremely important to us, as we suspect it is to most people. That said, we all have varying comfort levels when it comes to what and how much we share. For that reason, we have tried hard to make our privacy settings as flexible as possible, adaptable to the needs of all our users. Whether you only want to share your gift preferences with your nearest and dearest, or with the whole world, we've got you covered!

Among the things you can control: your profile's visibility to the world - choose to hide it entirely, make it available on a request-only basis, or share it with everyone. Drill down another level and choose who can see each part or module of your profile. And, on some modules, the option exists to go even a step further and detail who can see what data fields. For example, perhaps you only want your significant other to see your underwear preferences. Or, you only want your mom to see your clothing size. You can absolutely make that happen!

Another thing. We think it's awfully frustrating when you have to hunt all over a site to adjust your privacy preferences. For that reason, all privacy options for Little Birdie Me are gathered in one place - your Privacy Settings - so you can review all your options at once.

You can absolutely control what members of the public see when they look you up on Little Birdie Me. Choose from three levels of visibility for your gifting profile:

  • A public profile: people searching for your profile will be able to see anything that you have designated as visible to 'Everyone.'

  • A friend request option: when someone searches for you, they will not be able to see any of your gifting preferences but will be able to send you a friend request if you permit it. Only registered users can send requests.

  • Nothing: a search will return no results (as if you don't have a profile) and you will not appear in the friend lists of your friends. Other users will not be able to search for you and will not be able to send you invitations or friend requests. Please note: if you comment on our blog, other users will still be able to view your activity there. As well, people will still be able to view your profile via your sharing link if you choose to share it.

Please note: the above privacy levels do not pertain to people you have already friended. To control what your friends (or a specific friend) sees, simply adjust the Privacy Settings for individual modules and/or fields.