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We have! '1' should always take you to the home page. If you are logged in, this will be your dashboard. If you aren't logged in, this will be the welcome page where you can choose whether you would like to sign up, log in or search for a profile.

'2' is available on any page that has a navigation bar and will allow you to skip straight to the page's main content.

Please note: access keys typically need to be used in combination with one or more browser-specific shortcut keys.

First off, thank you! We would like Little Birdie Me to be easy peasy for anyone and everyone to use, and we welcome all suggestions as to how we can improve on that front! If you have any thoughts or ideas as to how we can make the site work better for you, please get in touch.

To shoot us a line, please Log in, then head to the Contact Us page and shoot us a line.

If you do not yet have an account, but would like to get in touch with an accessiblity suggestion, please send an e-mail to: