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Creating an Account

We require your name so that we know how to address you and so that we can create a profile that clearly belongs to you. Similarly, your gender selection determines which pronouns to use when displaying your gifting preferences.

We require your birthday to ensure that you are over the age of 13 (the minimum age for opening a Little Birdie Me account) and to tailor age-specific parts of the site. We use your country to establish a host of default settings for your account, including how dates are displayed and preferred paper size. Most of these settings are customizable but we figured it would be easier for folks if we set commonly used defaults on sign-up.

Lastly, your e-mail is required to uniquely identify your account and to allow your friends and family to search for your profile (if you allow it to be searchable). Beyond these bits of basic info though, everything else you enter on Little Birdie Me is totally optional!

Click on through to our Sign Up page to get started!