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Searching for a Profile

In order to give our community members as much control over their information as possible, we allow folks to effectively 'hide' their account from the outside world. As long as this setting is activated in a user's privacy settings, only people who are already friends with them will be able to see their account.

If you would like to view the profile of someone who you believe has an account, we suggest contacting them directly and asking them for their 'sharing link.' A user's sharing link is a way for friends and family who are not yet Little Birdie Me users to view someone's hidden account. Alternately, join the Little Birdie Me community - we'd love to have you - and ask your friend to send you a friend request!

Currently, it is only possible to search for Little Birdie Me community members by e-mail address.

Accounts are generally suspended by their owners when suspicious activity has been detected. When a suspension is requested, the account remains suspended until the security concern has been resolved. For the duration of the suspension, the user's profile and gifting preferences will not be visible.