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Shared Profile

A Shared Profile is essentially a couple's profile. It is generated by looking for commonalities between one person's preferences and their significant other's preferences. It is designed to help people who are looking to buy a gift for them as a couple by highlighting things (e.g. gifts, hobbies, experiences, charities, etc.) they both love, like, dislike, support and/or enjoy.

There are a few prerequisites before a Shared Profile can be generated:

  1. You and your significant other must both be Little Birdie Me account holders and your relationship must be confirmed.
  2. You both must individually authorize the generation of a Shared Profile in your Privacy Settings .

Once the above prerequisites have been met, a button will appear on your Little Birdie Me profile (to those you have granted access), linking to your Shared Profile.

Please note: once you allow the generation of a Shared Profile page, you will have control over who you share the page with but you will not have control over who your significant other shares the page with. For example, if you have a privacy setting for your Shared Profile of 'Only Me' and your significant other chooses a setting of 'Friends,' you, your significant other and your significant other's friends will be able to see the page.

If at any time you wish to delete your Shared Profile, you may rescind authorization in your Privacy Settings. Your Shared Profile will also be deleted if you change or remove the person you are in a relationship with.

A shared profile is generated by looking for commonalities between one person's preferences and those of their significant other. There can be several reasons that their shared profile did not return any results:

  1. The most common reason for few or no results in a shared profile is that both parties have not entered enough information. If they have not activated the same modules or sparsely completed the modules they have activated, there is a decreased likelihood of finding shared interests or preferences.

  2. The second most common reason for not seeing anything is down to privacy settings. One or both of the parties may have implemented privacy settings that limit how much information can be shared on their shared profile.

  3. A few fields need to be exactly the same to appear on a shared profile - for example, URLs of favorite shops. This may impact several areas of a shared profile.

  4. Several modules are not cross-referenced when generating a shared profile: Gift Lists, Pets and Children. If these are the only modules both parties have filled out, no results will be generated.

Essentially, the more information that both parties enter and the more they allow folks to see that information, the greater chance that theirs will be a helpful shared profile.