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Sharing Your Profile

There are a couple of ways you can share your profile:

  1. If your gifting profile is publicly visible, you can use a direct link to your profile. Get the link to your profile on the Share Your Profile page and share it via e-mail or your preferred social media platform. Folks you friend through Little Birdie Me will see anything you allow 'Friends' to see - guests will see anything you allow 'Everyone' to see (assuming your profile is publicly visible). Customize what folks can see in your Privacy Settings.

  2. If you choose to hide your gifting profile, or only enable the friend request feature, you may wish to share your profile with friends and family via your sharing link. Your sharing link is also a great way to share your profile with folks who are not yet Little Birdie Me users. The link acts as a backdoor into your profile and you can customize what is visible in your Privacy Settings. Once you have chosen what people can see with your sharing link, nip on through to the Share Your Profile page to copy your personal sharing link - or, share it directly from that page to Facebook or Twitter. Remember, if at any time you wish to curtail access to your profile via your sharing link, you can generate a new link, immediately cutting off access for anyone with the old link.