What exactly IS Little Birdie Me?

Little Birdie Me is a website where you can gather all your gift-related information in one place. Keep track of all the gifts you give - and, let others know what you would truly love to receive!

Choose from a wide array of gifting categories and indicate your preferences to build a gifting profile:

  • Don't like to receive clothes but love to receive wine? Let people know!
  • Love roses but dislike carnations? You can tell folks that too!
  • Love to receive tickets to sporting events? We've got you covered!
  • Have children? Add them to your profile!
  • A proud pet parent? Add Fido and Whiskers!

Check out a sample gifting profile!

Additional site features include (but are not limited to!):

  • Total flexibility. Manage your gifting profile from your dashboard, entering as little or as much information as you like.
  • Link to existing wish lists, registries, Pinterest boards - and more!
  • Find gift profiles belonging to family members and friends.
  • Map your favorite local shops. Link to your favorite online vendors.
  • Highlight your favorite brands.
  • Append an abstract wish list - for things you'd love to receive but haven't found yet (e.g. "the perfect pair of sweatpants").
  • Create a Shared Profile with your significant other (in case folks wish to give you a gift as a couple!).
  • Use the gift tracker to keep track of gifts you give to others, and to help budget your expenses.
  • Customized privacy settings. Choose who sees what.

Bonus features:

  • It's free! There is absolutely no charge to use Little Birdie Me.
  • A host of Gifting Resources - from organizational aids, to the language of flowers, to a birthstone reference (and more!).
  • Our blog - A Little Birdie Told Me - treating on all things gift-related, from gifting on a budget, to gift ideas, to gift wrapping schemes!

Click here to view screenshots of site features!

Make it easy for your loved ones to give you gifts you'll truly enjoy. Create a free profile, detailing what you like -- and, what you don't!