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Ada Lovelace Ada's Friends

London, United Kingdom

General Gifting Preferences and Information

December 10
Sign: Sagittarius

Married to: William King-Noel Confirmed relationship

Favorite color: dark green
Surprises: Likes 'em!
Handedness: Right-handed

Preferred type(s):

  • First initial
  • First, middle and two last initials

Full initials: A.A.K.-N.

Preferred font style(s):


Tends to prefer gifts that are:
  • delicious
  • time savers
  • useful

Gift certificates/cards:
Sometimes they're nice.

Cash gifts:
No, thanks - I prefer something more personal, please.

Gift of the month clubs:
Sometimes they're fun.

Gifts to one of her favorite charities:
Loves 'em!

Ada likes receiving:
  • flowers
  • jewelry
  • books
  • wine
  • electronics

Ada prefers not to receive:
  • art
  • toiletries

Characteristics Cloud

Ada's friends like that she is:

indefatigable a risk-taker hard-working observant determined fearless confident affectionate enterprising assertive energetic supportive discerning well-respected capable bright cerebral curious decisive adventurous smart brilliant agreeable detail-oriented thoughtful persevering fastidious creative exacting logical cultured plain-speaking enthusiastic intelligent attentive rational open-minded has a great smile clever industrious

Active Profile Modules

Characteristics Cloud

Ada's friends like that she is:

assertive a risk-taker indefatigable supportive brilliant bright curious intelligent decisive hard-working rational plain-speaking attentive logical agreeable exacting enthusiastic persevering determined enterprising cultured detail-oriented thoughtful confident industrious observant has a great smile affectionate open-minded capable energetic adventurous cerebral creative clever smart fastidious fearless well-respected discerning