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Ada + William's Shared Profile

Shared profiles are generated by cross-referencing two individual profiles, comparing them for shared likes, dislikes, interests and preferences.

Shared Profile


Both Ada and William:
  • like surprises
  • are right-handed

Ada and William especially like gifts that are:
  • time savers
  • useful

How they feel about:

Cash gifts:

  • No, thanks - we prefer something more personal, please.

Both love to receive:
  • books
  • wine
Both prefer to buy their own:
  • art


Ada and William enjoy:
  • collecting - art
  • crossword puzzles
  • reading


Both support charities that focus on:
  • arts, culture and humanities
  • health
  • diseases, disorders and disciplines

Both support:
  • Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance  
  • Oxfam International  


Shared local favorites:

Please, no! Always, yes.

Ada and William already have enough:
  • inspirational quotes
  • fruitcake
  • stuffed animals
Ada and William always love to receive:
  • champagne
  • wine
  • tickets - theater